Saturday, July 30, 2011


Juno Mak wins Puchon Best Actor

Josie Ho recognizes long ago that Juno Mak can act

Willie Chan (third left) celebrates Juno Mak's success

Juno Mak and director Wong Ching Po (right) get space shuttle models from Josie Ho and Chan Chi Chung
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Juno Mak Chun Lung with REVENGE A LOVE STORY (FUK SAU JEH JI SEI) at the 15th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival won the Best Actor award. Director Wong Ching Po also at the 33rd Moscow International Film Festival won Best Director. The film company yesterday held a celebration for them. Willie Chan Chi Keung, Stanley Kwan Kam Peng, and executive producers Josie Ho Chiu Yi and Chan Chi Chung attended.

Juno honestly said that he was very happy about his first film award. He said that at the time because he did not understand Korean and his near sightedness kept him from reading the English subtitles. He only learned that he won when the director screamed. He said, "I never thought about winning because the competition was very strong. At that moment I didn't know how to react. The funniest part was, after I gave my speech in Mandarin I realized that they didn't have a Mandarin translator. Later I gave it again in English, it was like winning twice." Juno also thanked his god father Chan Chi Keung and Chiu Yi. Because of REVENGE's daring subject, finding an investor was difficult. Luckily Chiu Yi agreed after reading the script. Would Juno get a raise after winning Best Actor? He said that was up to his god father. Chan Chi Keung felt that Juno should widen his range right now and could think about salaries later. Juno would like to develop a film career with his god father's experience, he would also like to direct if the opportunity would present itself. Has he shared the news with his father? He said, "I look forward to showing the award to my family! My parents and my brother are very happy too!"

Ho Chiu Yi felt elated from the film's overseas successes. Because award winners have always been major feature films, she did not expect that a horror film would win. She praised the jury and even Juno for a performance that was a pleasant surprise to her. Unfortunately he was not nominated for a Hong Kong Film Award for Best New Actor. She said, "Maybe the genre made his nomination impossible, luckily he won overseas." Will Chiu Yi still mainly make bloody and violent films? She said that the theme would "explosive" and extreme. With the success of this film, Chiu Yi said that she has not have the time to tell her father yet. In addition Chan Chi Keung announced that the new direction of the film company that he and Juno founded, including the already completed Juno, Pat Ha Man Jik, Stephy Tang Lai Yun, Jimmy Wang Yu, Gary Chaw (Cho Gat) starred new film LET'S GO (BO WAI JIN DUI ji CHOOK DUNG LA! PUNG YAU!), the next film will be a collaboration with Kwan Kam Peng.

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