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Takeshi Kaneshiro shows that he has no wedding band

Donnie Yen loses sleep over both acting in and directing the action of WU XIA
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Peter Chan Ho Sun two nights ago led the cast of WU XIA like Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Takeshi Kaneshiro (Gum Sing Mo), Tang Wei, and the One Armed Swordsman who made his first public appearance after his stroke Jimmy Wang Yu to the Taiwan premiere. Almost 1,000 fans came in support. Gum Sing Mo was very excited to see the fans. Normally cool, he actually screamed "Old Lady" at the fans and had them under his spell.

Two nights ago Gum Sing Mo received the support of many fans. Host Matilda Tao Ching Ying even led fans in screaming "Hubby" at him. Gum Sing Mo awkwardly laughed but he finally responded, "Every Old Lady How Are You!" Fans screamed out of joy. Wang Yu made his first public appearance after his stroke and looked good. Many fans enthusiastically presented flowers to him. His good friend and Golden Horse Best Actor Ke Jun Hsung led over 20 members of the "action director union" in support. Wang Yu even joked, "In less than half a year after fighting with Yen Chi Tan I had a stroke, you can see how powerful his martial art is!" Chi Tan laughed and said, "Big Brother, when you talk like that I don't dare to go outside!"

Tang Wei was asked the difference between Ang Lee and Chan Ho Sun. She pointed out that Ang Lee was the principal and would arrange for them to attend many classes. Chan Ho Sun just asked her to perform freely. Chan Ho Sun joked, "One knows what he wants and the other doesn't know what he wants." After Taiwan, the director will lead Yen Chi Tan and Gum Sing Mo to Japan and Singapore to continue the Southeast Asia promotion. The team will gather again in Hong Kong on July 26 for the final stop.

Chan Ho Sun and Yen Chi Tan earlier talked about the joy and the pain of the film production in Hong Kong. Chi Tan said that the most difficult was his roof top chase scene with Wai Ying Hung in Yunnan. The location had many beautiful roof tile homes but because the homes were very close, they had a hard time to find places to put their equipment. Chan Ho Sun at first did not think about shoot on the roof top but Chi Tan thought the environment was so pretty that it would be a waste not to shoot there. However the people of Yunnan were very superstitious and did not like foreigners to jump around on top of their homes. In addition they had to stabilize the homes inside. Luckily finally after everyone's hard persuasion and forming the chase route, the shoot was successful.

However the inability to use wires during the shoot made it very dangerous. Chi Tan said that the tiles were very slippery. A stunt person during testing had blood all over his hand. Although it was dangerous, Chi Tan said that during the shoot he did not think about it. Instead before hand he had to plan in detail and take all the safety measures. Chan Ho Sun hoped that viewers would like it. They did their best and had no regret.

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