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Show Luo
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After 16 years, Stephen Chow Sing Chi returns to the CHINESE ODYSSEY film series and directs with Derek Kwok Chi Kin the new film NEW CHINESE ODYSSEY (SUN DAI WA SAI YAU ji CHUI MOR JUEN KEI), which now is secretly in production in Hengdian. However the casting is still up in the air.

Reportedly, Sing Yeh has been considering whether to play Sun Wukong or the Venerable Tang Monk's mentor. This time he originally wanted to play the Venerable Tang Monk's mentor but after investors numerous requests, he was more likely to play Sun Wukong. As for the Venerable Tang Monk's mentor, the role will fall into the hands of Anthony Wong Chau Sun.

Earlier Show Luo (Law Chi Cheung) was rumored to play Sun Wukong, but due to the news leak in the end he was eliminated. However the fact was the he will play an important role in the film. With his prankster personality, he will play Piggy with super ugly buck teeth and big belly look! However, fans can relax as this costume would vanish in a flash. Due to magic he would become an extremely cool Piggy!

Lead actress Shu Qi will join the team next month, but not as the White Bone Demon. She will play a heroine who has a relationship with Tang Monk Wen Zhang.

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