Thursday, July 21, 2011


Chik Mei Chun (center) is also a part of the company
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Artist Eric Tsang Chi recently invested over 10 million on a media creative company and got along great with the young workers there. He said, "At first I thought about making apps for my own movies, but later I discovered that this business actually could have a lot of potential, so I decided to keep it going! In addition it could provide many platforms for young people to develop, which I feel is worthwhile!"

In order to provide a comfortable environment to stimulate creative inspiration, the company not only had an open kitchen for "all you can eat and drink", Chi Wai also opened a "coffee shop" for them. He said, "Inside it really is like a coffee shop so they can be even more relaxed!" He also said that when he had time he would go to the company to "learn". "I didn't like going back to the company before, but here it is different. Every time I come up it's like I am learning something. I told them not to call me boss and treat me like the Super Trio!"

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