Sunday, July 24, 2011


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The Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers organized film training 2010 yesterday held its commencement ceremony. Attending guests included Federation president Ng See Yuen, Joe Cheung Tung Cho, Teddy Robin and Lam Ka Tung.

Ng See Yuen said that the training class has already reached its second year. Earlier it was a collaboration with IVE and this year the program received almost 9 million in film development fund assistance to cultivate a new generation of filmmakers. Will the class continue? Ng See Yuen said, "We will have to see how the personnel arrangement is, whether instructors can make time."

Lam Ka Tung was asked about the movie that he produced and Andy Lau Tak Wa starred in. Ka Tung said that the soonest it will start production will be next year, however the content has yet to be confirmed. They have many choices for directors. Did Wa Jai charge a very high rate? Ka Tung said that he would calculate everything to its best and joked that Wa Jai's salary would not be much. As for a sequel for GALLANTS (DA LUI TOI), Ka Tung said that he had the idea but it would not happen in the short run. He said, "Next week I will have to go to Malaysia to work with (Chrissie) Chau Sau Na on the new film PAPER MOON (JI YUET LEUNG) for a month. In the film I am a kite maker and have emotional scenes with Sister Na, but I definitely don't have any swimsuit scene!"

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