Wednesday, July 13, 2011


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With the annual Book Fair about to open, Angelababy Yeung Wing also released two sets of never before released limited edition poster of her new film LOVE IN SPACE (CHUEN KAU YIT LUEN). Under photographer Wing Shya (Ha Wing Hong)'s designs, Baby appeared of the 20s female star.

In the poster, Baby appeared in a short bob and 20s and 30s nostalgic costume that was full of a retro flavor. She looked just like the female star of that era. Baby said, "This 20s and 30s costume took over two hours to put on. It was very detailed. I remembered that day of the shoot at this nostalgic scenery, it felt like returning to those Hollywood black and white film production era. It was somewhat incredible." Aside from the nostalgic flavor, Baby's another hit look was with an apple and a Versace floral print long dress. She said, "In the film I happened to also play a star. This look was my character wore to the film award. That Versace floral print long dress I wore was a classic, a collector's item."

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