Saturday, July 30, 2011


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Linda Wong Hing Ping yesterday attended a skin care product event. Despite the category 3 typhoon warning, guests still dressed up for the event. Linda's father Jimmy Wang Yu earlier suffered a stroke and recently has already recovered and released from the hospital. Earlier she even attended the WU XIA premiere with her father and walked the red carpet together, which was very memorable for her.

Linda pointed out that earlier her father already asked the film company to let him attend the premiere because this was his wish. Director Peter Chan Ho Sun respected their family's intent and asked for permission before permitting Wang Yu to attend. Wong Hing Ping pointed out that actually when her father said that he wanted to go, she as a daughter could not stop him. Yet this time was very memorable for her. When her father was making movies, she was still very little. When she got into the business, her father no longer made movies.

Linda praised her father's outstanding performance in the film, many people praised him as well. However she still had to adjust a little because her father mostly played good guys before. Now her father could no longer drink. When they dined with friends and her father had a glass of red wine in front of him, she would immediately yell at him to keep him from drinking it. She joked that she has never been so mean to her father in her life. She said that her father rarely turned anyone down, so many friends and family all agreed for her to be a little meaner to keep him from drinking.

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