Thursday, July 21, 2011


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Two super idols Wu Chun and Han Geng in MY KINGDOM (DAI MO SUN) had to face their first intimate scene in their career. Wu Chun and Barbie Hsu (Tsui Hei Woon) only needed one or two takes to complete each of their intimate scene, but Han Geng took a whole week. Finally Big S had to slap him three times before he was able to grasp the emotions.

Although Wu Chun had relationship scenes with actresses before, such a passionate and intimate contact was a first time. He thought it was much harder than the Beijing Opera kung fu. Luckily Big S was full of acting experience. On the set she often took great care of him. They very quickly became familiar. During the intimate scenes they had easier chemistry and the result was unexpectedly smooth.

On the other hand, Han Geng and Big S' passionate bed scene was very hard for him. Han Geng said that during the shoot he was extra nervous. The entire scene from chasing, kissing, fighting to the final passionate scene took a whole week to shoot. Big S even slapped Han Geng three times. Big S said, at first she could not slap him. However Han Geng in order to get into his role quickly kept encouraging Big S to hit for real. Finally after a whole day, Han Geng's face had blood traces.

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