Saturday, July 30, 2011


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Chan Lan, Mrs. Charles Heung Wa Keung, was a guest on a cable talk show recently. On the program she urged Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi to pay attention her mood and attitude at work. She also said that for her son's career, he would not permitted to get married in the next ten years.

Speaking of Cheung Pak Chi's marriage troubles, Mrs. Heung sighed, "It's very unfortunately, actually tolerance is the most important." Mrs. Heung said that Pak Chi's mood and work attitude indeed affected her family. "Pak Chi earlier brought her son Lucas to my home and said that she was free to make a movie. Finally I found a director, who complained that she was whining about hard work, cold weather and she didn't take my calls." She wholeheartedly offered Pak Chi some advice, "You have to be professional at work, since you took the role you have to go no matter what." However, Mrs. Heung still treated Pak Chi like her own daughter. She said that as long as the character was suitable she definitely would approach Pak Chi.

After making countless film industry superstars, Mrs. Heung would not help her son Jacky Heung Jor. She said, "If I make him a star, others would suspect that he relies on his parents. If he doesn't make it, then he drags me down with him! I might as well let him try his own luck." She also said that she has no opinion about her son's relationship but made him promise that in order for him to focus on career development and saving up fans, he was not permitted to wed in the next ten years. However Gor Gor Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing probably hurt Mrs. Heung the
most. Mrs. Heung recalled, "That day around 5PM I got a call from Gor Gor, he said that he didn't have depression, wasn't possessed, and even asked me to set up a press conference for him to clarify. Then in less than a hour, the news of his suicide came." Mrs. Heung was still teary eyed as she recalled that day. She said that Gor Gor still lived in her heart, like a friend who she has not seen in a long time.

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