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July 15 was the 104th anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution heroine Qiu Jin. The film THE WOMAN KNIGHT OF THE MIRROR LAKE held a press conference in Hengzhou, Zhejiang. In attendance were director Herman Yau Lai To, actor Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Huang Yi, To Yu-hang, Rose Chan Ka Wun and Tony Wong Yuk Long. In the poster Huang Yi wore a black suit and slicked back hair.

In the film Huang Yi had scenes with Kevin Cheng Ka Wing and To Yu-Hang. The Cheng Ka Wing played husband always argued with Qiu Jin and sometimes would even get physical. The To Yu-Hang played Xu Xilin had common ambitions and enemies with Qiu Jin and finally they got together. Huang Yi before the shoot already studied Wing Chun with master Sin Kwok Lam for six months. She looked convincing in the part and left Cheng Ka Wing shouting he had enough.

Wong Chau Sun played the honorable late Qin Dynasty official. Chan Ka Wun played an agile mute girl. Famous comic book creator Wong Yuk Long was very interested in the film and suggested to create a comic book for Qiu Jin and release a global Qiu Jin image design creative contest to promote China's first female revolutionary and promote the high ideal of patriotism and concern for its people.

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