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Vivian Hsu performed without make up for realism
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The Wei Te-Shen directed SEEDIQ BALE used the "Wushe Incident" in Taiwan history as its backdrop. The most key scene in the film was the "public school battle". The director asked the actors to cultivate their emotions before the performance. Over 100 actors ran for their lives, even Vivian Hsu (Tsui Yuek Suen) who was used to seeing big scale productions was scared out of her wits along with Irene Luo (Law Mei Ling). Both of their legs went from under them as they sat on the ground. Vivian in the crowded escape scratched her calf, Mei Ling who was carrying a child was pushed to the ground. In order to protect the child she threw herself onto the ground first and even interrupted the shoot. Their professionalism for this major scene left them without any complaint despite the injuries.

In the fleeing scene, the sound of the killings left Tsui Yuek Suen weak in the knees. Because she was in a kimono, aside from the injury and hurt from falling during her run she also had to tolerate the heat and the sweat as mud and a lot of blood landed on her. However Vivian still insisted on performing herself. She not only satisfied her perfect image but also climbed over other corpses to look for a way to survive.

Also fleeing in this scene, Law Mei Ling not only had to mind her own safety but also her on screen child. Law Mei Ling said, "I originally thought if I ran with a child, I would wrap it in cloth! However that would not be realistic enough, so we were carrying real children. During
the performance I really was very nervous!"

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