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Miriam Yeung's husband would not be jealous of her working with her old flame
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Reportedly recently Raymond Wong Pak Ming and Vincent Kok Tak Siu planned for Miriam Yeung Chin Wa and Ronald Cheng Chung Kei to play a couple in a Lunar New Year film. Aside from feeling that they both had the comedy gene they also deeply believed that the former couple would have more chemistry and spark.

Although Chung Kei and Chin Wa since the break up in 1999 worked together on DRAGON LOADED 2003 (LUNG GUM WAI 2003) and MY LUCKY STAR (HUNG WON CHIU YUN), they have never played a couple on the silver screen. In addition they declined to work together due to fear of awkwardness. Wong Pak Ming reportedly not only tempted them with 10 million in total salary but also scouted their interest and supposedly Chung Kei and Chin Wa agreed quickly. "Chung Kei said that why would he mind. He even said that he was grown up, and now an Old Man he had nothing to fear. He instead said that he was afraid Chin Wa would mind." Chin Wa supposedly also agreed right away.

Wong Pak Ming admitted that he was interested in working with Chin Wa and Chung Kei in his new film. "Kok Tak Siu came up with the idea. Honestly, I am not using them to promote. Only around the film industry, they have to be two of the outstanding comedy actors."

Wong Pak Ming also pointed out that now they are only waiting for the contract signing. Would they be worth the 10 million in total salary? He said, "Exceeding value has always been my film production principle." He also pointed out that he might add intimate scenes. "Their chemistry is so good, they should be able to handle them freely." Kok Tak Siu only admitted that he had a plan to work with Cheng Chung Kei. "We agree to wait until after being an Old Man for awhile, we will start work once he's rested enough."

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