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Director Dante Lam praises Jay Chou for willing to try anything

Bai Bing and Jay Chou both have to learn how to use guns before the shoot

The local authorities loan over 100 tanks for the production

Andy On wears heavy military uniform on a helicopter
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The Dante Lam Chiu Yin directed, Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun), Andy On Chi Kit and Bai Bing starred THE VIRAL FACTOR (YIK JIN) shot on location in Jordan. Lam Chiu Yin spent almost HK$100 million to use live ammunition and real guns. With the support of the Jordanian military, over 100 powerful and used in real battle tanks and jets appeared in the film. As a gun expert, the director explained the various gun knowledge to Chow Kit Lun and Bai Bing. Both have been rarely in contact with guns.

The director in order to make their performance even more detailed took the time to personally explain to them the uses and other knowledge of the guns, including how to hold them, load ammunition and shoot them. The prop master even gave Chairman Chou a model gun for him to practice with. Bai Bing in the past participated in mostly small budget films, and due to her sweet and mild mannered looks she often was cast in more quiet roles. Lam Chiu Yin changed her image this time into a tough warrior woman. She kept asking the director questions during the shoot. Director Lam said, "She is very hard working and willing to learn. As soon as she was free she would ask questions, maybe because she studied law? Haha!" Bai Bing also thanked the director for his patient instructions. "I need to learn a lot, luckily the director took the trouble to answer."

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