Thursday, July 21, 2011


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Carol Yeung, Jeana Ho

Charmaine Sheh
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Law Chung Him, Charmaine Sheh, Alex Fong
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The Charmaine Sheh Si Man, Alex Fong Lik Sun, Law Chung Him starred film LOVE IS THE ONLY ANSWER (YUN YUEK LEI FUN HAU) two nights ago held its premiere. Young models stole Sheh Si Man's thunder. Jeana's dress was so low cut that even Timmy Hung Tin Ming did not dare to look at her directly.

Did Sheh Si Man feel young models stole her thunder? She said, "They have always been amazing." She said that her direction was different from young models'. Lately they released photo books so the way they dressed was suitable. In addition this was not a sexy film. However Ah Sheh could not help but praise how sexy Jeana was. Ah Sheh honestly said that in the film she also had daring kiss scenes and she would like the film to perform well at the box office. Her old flame Benny Chan Ho Man married a Mainland model. She said that she already sent a text message to congratulate him and honestly said that they kept in touch.

Carol two nights ago appeared without undergarment, which she said was to coordinate with the elegant premiere. Carol also said that she used a lot of tap, almost an entire roll. She honestly said that she made sure, she was worried wardrobe malfunction because she felt the tape lost its elasticity. Later when Carol and Jeana posed for photos Jeana seemed to be pressing her chest against her. Carol said that she did not feel anything and did not dare to look at her directly.

Jeana said that she wore two bras. Often making push up appearances, did Jeana feel tired? she said, "I am tired there and my hips are tired."

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