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Since Charmaine Sheh Si Man left TVB, Myolie Wu Hung Yi has been considered one of the top actresses to take her place. Earlier TVB even arranged for her to appear on the big screen. First she guest starred in BEGINNING OF THE GREAT REVIVAL, recently she also worked on the Johnnie To Kei Fung directed new film LIFE WITHOUT PRINCIPLE (DUET MING GUM). With the golden opportunity in front of her, Hung Yi did not take a step away from To Sir. When she was not in a scene, she would rather stay on the set!

Hung Yi was the happiest about the chance to work with big director To Kei Fung on his new film LIFE WITHOUT PRINCIPLE. The film starred Lau Ching Wan, Anthony Wong Chau Sun and Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai). Its production took over 2 years to prepare for, Hung Yi in the film played Yam Yin Chai's wife.

Reportedly Hung Yi valued working with To Sir very much. Every time at work she would only be early and never late. She would commit her lines to memory. Earlier when they shot on location at a Happy Valley property agency, Hung Yi arrived early. At the time To Sir was still scouting the location and the worker told her that since the production would not officially start until a hour later she should eat first. However Hung Yi shook her head to decline and then went to the bakery next door for some buns.

Hung Yi returned to the store in less than 5 minutes, stayed in To Sir's sight as she ate and waited while she seriously studied the script. When the shoot began, Hung Yi dragged a child actor around. To Sir often instructed her on how to take her marks. Hung Yi's performance did not disappoint To Sir either, after three takes she was OK. In comparison, Yam Yin Chai who has worked with To Sir countless times was much more relaxed. When he was not in a scene he was chatting and laughing with the crew!

Hung Yi also posted her photo with To Sir online. "LIFE WITHOUT PRINCIPLE has finally wrapped. Thank you To Sir for giving me this rare chance to play a little woman. I am very glad about gaining a lot of valuable experience this time!" Hung Yi revealed that she learned a lot from To Sir and witnessed him yelling at someone, luckily she was not on the receiving end. Before making this film, To Sir asked her to wipe away her previous acting and play this little woman role in an all new way. At the same times she even complimented him as a good director who would instruct actors from the heart. He even caught small gestures that she did not recognize, like snickering and blinking while delivering her lines. Hung Yi was very appreciative and hoped to have a chance to work with To Sir again in the future.

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