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Sandra Ng with host Au Wing Kuen's six month ago son

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Director Wong Jing and Sandra Ng Kwan Yu attended a new book promotion yesterday. Brother Jing promoted his new book YOUNG WONG JING IN THE WORLD and asked Manfred Wong (Man Jun) who wrote the foreword to be the host. In the book Brother Jing mentioned many top artists like Stephen Chow Sing Chi, Maggie Cheung Man Yuk, rumored girlfriend Chingmy Yau Suk Ching, Shu Qi and Gigi Lai Chi, but he said that he only revealed 1/5 of what he knew. He left the 4/5 untouched because he was still in that world.

In the book Brother Jing said that Sing Yeh has left him disillusioned. Has he communicated with Sing Yeh before writing the book? He lightly said, "No, because what I am saying is the truth. (Are you worried that you can't be friends with Sing Yeh from now on?) Friends are mutual, in addition I never say who I wouldn't be friends with. (Would you give him a book?) No need, if he wants to read my words, he naturally would." The book also had many of Dau Dau's past sexy photos. Did he contact her? Brother Jing said that the photo rights belonged to the publisher. Artists photo rights belonged to the photographers, and since he did not talk bad about her he had no problem.

Brother Jing earlier signed Philip Ng Won Lung. At the end of the year he will start making movies for him in hopes of making him a star. Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Ng Won Lung are good friends, so Ting Fung will play a role to help his friend.

Kwan Yu yesterday promoted a book from a veteran reporter, LIGHT AND SHADOW'S COLLECTIVE MEMORY, but she was half a hour late. She explained that she had a small traffic accident.

Kwan Yu yesterday was driving his daughter and someone else's daughter to their classmate's home for a play date. On the way she accidentally hit a taxi in front of her. Although no one was injured, her daughter was frightened to tears. Kwan Yu said, "Whenever I drive my daughter around I would have a lot of pressure. Recently I have been flying between Hong Kong and Beijing, I wasn't alert enough and the accident happened. Luckily I was driving very slowly. (Would you consider hiring a driver?) I have a driver, but I would like to spend more time with my child. I didn't expect the accident to happen, for now I won't drive again."

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