Monday, July 25, 2011


Bai Bing cannot forget about working in Jordan

Lin Peng reveals Nicholas Tse as her idol

Dante Lam jokes that this time it is his turn for an award after making two Best Actors
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Nicholas Tse states that he will never perform a dangerous stunt again

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Jay Chou speaks, Lin Peng listens, Nicholas Tse snickers
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Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun) yesterday attended the film THE VIRAL FACTOR (YIK JIN) press conference in Beijing. Ting Fung was in a decent mood and often displayed a smile. Even Chow Kit Lun could not help but praise Ting Fung for his high emotional quotient. If reporters were chasing him he might have already hit a reporter.

Director Dante Lam Chiu Yin yesterday led Chow Kit Lun, Tse Ting Fung, Bai Bing and Lin Peng attended the film's first press conference in Beijing. The film will be released next Lunar New Year. Production videos were played as the four leads' costumes were unveiled. The footage had plenty of Ting FUng and Chow Kit Lun's life risking jump from great heights. Ting Fung yesterday wore a black shirt, jeans and sunglasses. With a chok look all the way, Ting Fung often snickered. During the group photo, Ting Fung even said to Lin Peng, "With sunglasses I can look around without any problem!" The actors talked about their production. Speaking of soaking in the Dead Sea in Jordan, the excessive salt content hurt their rears. Then they had to favor one side as they walked. Chairman Chou joked, "Then you are perfect for singing my 'Chrysanthemum Pavilion'!"

Ting Fung in the film had many dangerous stunts. Aside from jumping from seventh or eighth floor he also had to roll on the ground. He said that he would never do that again because he only had one life. Chairman Chou also said that this has been the most difficult production. The intense action scenes were challenging physically for him. He also praised Ting Fung for not only being cool but also having very high emotional quotient. If not for the reports, he could not tell that something happened to Ting Fung on the set.

Chairman Chou was asked whether his mood was affected when the media descended upon Ting Fung during the shoot. He said no, it only affected Ting Fung from going out. Chairman Chou praised Ting Fung's high emotional quotient. Each time he consoled him, he would say he was "fine". Chairman Chou pointed out that if something happened to him, he might hit a reporter because his emotional quotient was not as high. As the media focused on Ting Fung's marriage troubles, Chairman Chou did not feel it was unfair. He felt that the matter would settle down. Chairman Chou also said that he would work with Ting Fung and Lam Chiu Yin again, but not only an action film. His hand was not for holding a gun but for playing a piano.

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