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Charmaine Sheh turns down Law Chung Him's party offer on the spot

Rose Chan Ka Wun

Charmaine Sheh, Law Chung Him, Anjaylia Chan, Kelly Fu, Carol Yeung, Evelyn Choi
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Evelyn Choi says her old flame and her friend's relationship does not affect their friendship

Charmaine Sheh considers battling Law Chung Him's 42 inch chest with her 22 inch waist

Law Chung Him says that he will persuade Charmaine Sheh to celebrate on a yacht
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The Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) directed LOVE IS THE ONLY ANSWER (YUN YUEK LEI FUN HAU) after six days in release accumulated almost 3 million at the box office. To show appreciation to the cast and the crew, the film company two nights ago held a banquet. Aside from the director and executive producer Wong Jing, attending actors included Charmaine Sheh Si Man, Law Chung Him, Jacqueline Chong Si Man and Evelyn Choi Wing Yun. They even popped bottles of champagne and balloons to wish for continuing sold out at every show.

Law Chung Him was very satisfied with the film's box office numbers. If the box office will break 10 million, he suggested for a celebration on a yacht with the actresses. Would Ah Sheh dare to appear in swimwear then? She said, "He of course doesn't have to be afraid! He can show off his 42 inch chest. (You can show off your 20 inch waist?) I can too, I can compete. (Would you wear a bikini?) We will see. I have confident in my figure, but I want to stay out of the sun. It's a lot of fun to play together, I haven't been to a yacht party in a
long time. However reporters will have to wear (bikinis) too!"

Ah Sheh honestly said that she has not worn swimwear in eight or ten years in public. Would she not consider to wear swimwear even for work? She said, "It depends on whether it is necessary, it's not just about the money. (Have you thought about making a photo book?) No, I am not that daring. Now so many are young and pretty. (Leave a memory of your youth?) I have enough! 13 years ago my Miss Hong Kong pageants are enough!" As for the box office numbers, Ah Sheh hoped it will climb and climb again. She even planned to sneak into the cinema to check out audience reaction.

Earlier the band Mr.'s drummer Tom (To Chi Wun) honestly admitted that he and Evelyn have already broken up for four months and was rumored to be with "Yeung Gwong Girl" Leanne Ho Si Yin. Two nights ago Evelyn was obviously prepared. When asked about the break up, she said, "We broke up several months ago, we split because we had an understanding. We have been great friends. Relationship is personal and I don't have to answer to anyone. (He is linked to Ho Si Yin?) That is their personal business, even if I know I am not at liberty to talk about it, not to mention I don't know. (Would it affect your relationship with her?) No, why don't you ask if she affected my relationship with Tom. (Are you broken up?) So he can be with anyone and I am fine with it. (Do you accept them as a couple?) You should ask them, maybe one day I would be with his good friend! (Would you ask Ho Si Yin to confirm?) I haven't run into anyone good, I hope to run into a good guy who is talented and has the same interests as I do. Treating me well is secondary, the most important is we are compatible." She also said that she worked with Ho Si Yin before, but she has not seen her in a long time.

Although Evelyn claimed that she was single, she was rumored to be a pair with local artist Siu Hak and a Taiwan hunk. Evelyn said, "I don't have a boyfriend, if this keeps up I really would have no suitor!" She reiterated that she had no chance to develop with those two, because Siu Hak is much older than her and married and the Taiwan model was younger than her.

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