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Huang Yi takes care of Louis Koo at the event
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Louis Koo Tin Lok two days ago fell at home. He went to the hospital for a x-ray yesterday and discovered a severe cruciate ligament tear that would require four months of doctor visits and physical therapy. Due to the severity of the injury, he was concerned that he would not be able to handle his new film production and offered his resignation to the film company. Both sides are still in negotiation.

Koo Tin Lok last year injured his right leg during a stunt for A CHINESE GHOST STORY (SIN NUI YAU WON) and required long term therapy. Months ago he just had an operation. Due to his decent recovery progress Goo Jai recently has been practicing horse riding in preparation for his new film next month, YANG CLAN WARRIORS (YUT MOON JUNG LIT ji YEUNG GA JEUNG).

The film's boss Raymond Wong Pak Ming was quite close to Goo Jai and was worried about Koo Tin Lok's injury. He hoped the most for him to recover soon. The film will start production in five days. With Koo Tin Lok's less than optimistic condition, what would Wong Pak Ming do? He said, "Right now I keep calling. Of course I hope the most for Goo Jai to get well, but right now I am also thinking which actor is suitable. Because this just happened, I don't know what the situation will be. (If Goo Jai resigns, would the film company suffer a great loss?) That's minor, the most important for Goo Jai to be fine."

Goo Jai originally did not want to publicize his injury, but when he attended an event in Guangzhou fans saw him with a cane and rumors spread like wildfire online. He was forced to publicize his injury.

During the event Huang Yi who has worked with Goo Jai twice took the initiative to help him around. She played Qiu Jin in the film THE WOMAN KNIGHT OF THE MIRROR LAKE (GAING HUNG NUI HUP CHAU KUN), which Qiu Jin has questioned the accuracy of. Huang Yi honestly said that she had no idea but felt that the film was full of sincerity and entertainment. She praised Qiu Jin as still a legendary woman today.

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