Saturday, July 23, 2011


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Japanese adult video actor Taka Kato wore a Hong Kong police uniform in what appeared to be a rape scene in a film without permission from the police and led to a police investigation into the matter. The film company did not apply with the police for such a sensitive scene, veteran film professional Tin Kai Man thought that it was inappropriate. "I thought there is no need to lie to the government, did they think they were just going to get over it like that!" As for shooting a nude scene at Central, Tin Kai Man said, "Hong Kong viewers can tell, of course if they are too excessive they need to be chastised. Back then NAKED AMBITION (HO CHING) shot a nude scene at the Golden Bauhinia Square and it still wasn't allowed to be shown."

Taka Kato's Hong Kong police uniform incident shocked Japan. Yesterday Yahoo! Japan covered the site and many Japanese thought that he insulted the Hong Kong police. Not only did they did not want him to return to Japan but also consider him the shame of the nation. Meanwhile some store owners complained that after the shoot at Central the production team left a lot of garbage for them to pick up.

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