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Linda Wong Hing Ping with her father Jimmy Wang and Wai Ying Hung

Birthday boy Donnie Yen is not spared from Jimmy Wang's cake frosting fight

The director appreciates Tang Wei's unique aura

Lynn Xiong wants a picture with Takeshi Kaneshiro

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Tang Wei is the envy of many women as she works with Donnie Yen and Takeshi Kaneshiro

Jimmy Wang put cake frosting on Tang Wei's face and Tang Wei strikes back

Sandra Ng dresses up and asks buddy Chingmy Yau to support Peter Chan

Fala Chen dresses up but misses a chance for a photo with Takeshi Kaneshiro

Lynn Xiong says Takeshi Kaneshiro and Aaron Kwok have different personalities

Ray Lui brings his wife and child to the premiere and reveals that his father's funeral is in the works
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The Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Takeshi Kaneshiro (Gum Sing Mo), Wai Ying Hung, Jimmy Wang Yu, and Tang Wei starred new film WU XIA two nights ago held a premiere and attracted many viewers and guests like Chingmy Yau Suk Ching, Fala Chen, Ray Lui Leung Wai, Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam) and others. Earlier suffering a stroke Wang Yu two nights ago was alert and even put cream from Yen Chi Tan's birthday cake on Chi Tan's and Tang Wei's faces like a child. Wang Yu said, "Eight months after fighting with Chi Tan I suffered a stroke. I hope to rest for three months and we would work on another film together to fight again."

Yen Chi Tan's birthday was yesterday, the event presented a cake to celebrate in advance. Chi Tan said, "My wife and children have already arrived in LA. After the interview I will fly over to meet with them, once I arrived I will celebrate with them. Because of the time different, when I arrive it will still be my birthday." Chi Tan said that when he was little the first film that his father took him to see was Wang Yu's ONE ARMED SWORDSMAN (DUK BEI DOH). Wai Ying Hung studied martial art with Chi Tan's mother when she was young and could be considered Chi Tan's elder. Chi Tan said, "This time was my first collaboration with Siu Hung. In the film we fought until we PK." Tang Wei expressed that this time the director gave her a chance to be a real woman. Gum Sing Mo thought that the director was highly demanding. During the shoot he also learned from other actors.

Hung Doi Lam who went to the movie alone wanted to get a photo with her idol Gum Sing Mo. Yet once she arrived she felt embarrassed. When asked whether Aaron Kwok Fu Sing or Gum Sing Mo was more handsome, Hung Doi Lam said, "They are different types of handsome, different quality, different personalities." As for whether height could decide a winner, Hung Doi Lam said, "You can't gauge with that, I can only say that I am more familiar with Aaron." Also came to support Gum Sing Mo, Fala Chen said that when she was in school she already dreamt about meeting Gum Sing Mo. She said, "This is a complex, when I see him in my dream I would definitely faint but in real life I didn't." Yau Suk Ching who attended with her husband Shum Ka Wai said that Sandra Ng Kwan Yu invited her. At the same time because it was a martial art film, she did not bring her children.

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