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Takeshi Kaneshiro (Gum Sing Mo) and Peter Chan Ho Sun yesterday attended a forum at the Beijing People's University. During the event a duel between Gum Sing Mo and Jiang Wu from WU XIA was shown. Actually this scene was removed from the Mainland release, thus yesterday it was a special screening. The event also arranged for three students to perform mountain folk songs to coordinate with the story in the film.

This duel was almost too much for Gum Sing Mo. he had to stand in water for hand to hand combat with Jiang Wu but also had to wield his umbrella as a weapon like acrobats. Luckily action director Yen Chi Tan was on hand to direct. With his natural talent he was able to complete this scene sooner than he expected.

However during the shoot, Gum Sing Mo slipped and fell into the water several times. He almost "poked" Wu Jing in the eye during close combat. Luckily Jiang Wu was fast enough to dodge it. Even Chan Ho Sun was sweating bullets. Gum Sing Mo said, "This fight scene is truly satisfying for me. I consider it as some wu xia fun! Of course I have to thank Yen Chi Tan. I appreciate him very much. He not only has to perform but also handle the action part. I deeply experience his spirit for perfection. No matter how tough it got he would always do his part to its best. No wonder everyone say he is the strongest in the universe."

In another needle to the neck scene, Gum Sing Mo revealed that he has always been somewhat resistant to needles. However he realized that this scene was very key so he toughed it out. The team hired an acupuncture specialist to be on hand to direct. Gum Sing Mo recalled, "That practitioner gave me very detailed explanation and demonstration, so I very quickly understood how and where to apply the needle. I could accept and too afraid about applying it not too deep on the neck. I only wanted to finish sooner so I don't have to keep looking at those needles that make me uncomfortable."

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