Sunday, August 7, 2011


Rebecca Zhu

Surprise first runner up Hyman Chu

Tangled in rumors Whitney Hui was the second runner up

Nicole Leung receives the Miss International Goodwill prize from Toby Chan

Rebecca Zhu

Giselle Lam Wai Sin loses points on her legs

Gemma Choi was confident during her performance

Stephen Chan's low profile appearance still made him the focus

False results flooded online, claiming that Susan Su won Miss Hong Kong and Miss Photogenic, Whitney Hui was the first runner up and Gemma Choi was the second runner up

Wyling Leung's belly became noticable. Even host Sammy joked that she caught his eyes because of what she had inside.

Toby Chan's reign comes to an end

2011 Miss Hong Kong winners welcome Sir Run Run Shaw with Elaine Lok

Barney Cheng, Jennifer Tse, Chiu Sik Chi, Real Ting dress up to be judges

Sammi Cheung

Moses Chan and Vivian Chow have multiple contacts with the candidates and have an idea who would win

Host Sammy asked Nicole Leung, "What flower is Eric Tsang the most afraid of?" She smartly answers "old flower (farsightedness)" but Sammy dirtily joked that Eric Tsang was the most afraid of cabbage.

Sandy Wu Wai Chung opens up the pageant with a minute long dance solo

Lisa Lau was asked about a woman idol and she named Mona Fong

Janey Yan Man Ting slipped out of the gate. When host Eric Tsang when she first saw stars, she said, "When I was seven I ran into a seven (light) post and saw stars."
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Miss Hong Kong Rebecca Zhu is a ballerina

Eric Tsang brings Rebecca Zhu's mother to the stage to announce her as the new Miss Hong Kong

Second Runner Up and Miss Photogenic Whitney Hui

Second Runner Up Whitney Hui's mother reveals that she liked to play Miss Hong Kong pageant in her childhood with her maid

Nicole Cheung with her decent figure and sharp tongue wins "Miss International Goodwill"

Favorite Gemma Choi Wai Yan's voice was hoarse and appeared distracted

First Runner Up Hyman Chu is from Toronto, Canada

First Runner Up Hyman Chu cries in front of her mother and ruins her make up

The 103 year old Sir Run Run Shaw attends with wife Mona Fong

Stephen Chan Chi Wan keeps his distance from Sir Run Run Shaw and ends up with Nat Chan Pak Cheung

Lisa Lau Si Hei kisses up to Mona Fong but does not end up in the top three

Miss Hong Kong 2010 Crystal Li Shuet Ying, Lisa Ch'ng Si Ming, Toby Chan Ting Yan and Sammi Cheung Sau Man

Eric Tsang makes fun of Myolie Wu as "Mrs. Wong"

Moses Chan due to rumors with Aimee Chan is made fun of as only knowing how to play the winner
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First runner up Hyman Chu, Miss Hong Kong Rebecca Zhu and second runner up Whitney Hui

Leung Lai Peng, Elaine Lok Yi Ling and Mona Fong Yat Wa accompany Sir Run Run Shaw (Siu Yat Fu) to attend the Miss Hong Kong pageant

Moses Chan and Vivian Chow were among the judges. Moses Chan said that the overall candidate performance was even
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2011 Miss Hong Kong Pageant took place last night at Television City. Rebecca Zhu (Chu Sun Lai) as the favorite won four awards, the title of Miss Hong Kong, the earlier eye for fashion award, happy ambassador award and the most popular award; Hyman Chu performed well last night and was the surprised first runner up; "News Queen" Whitney Hui Yik Nei was unaffected from a series of negative news was Miss Photogenic and second runner up. Nicole Leung Lai Hiu also won the travel ambassador award and Miss International Goodwill.

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