Sunday, August 14, 2011


Johnson Lee, Stephanie Ho Nga Si, Christine Kuo, Bella Lam Wing Tung, Yuen Siu Cheung
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Christine Kuo learned from earlier experience and dressed conservatively for the promotion
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The Wong Cho Nam, Yuen Siu Cheung and Johnson Lee Si Jit starred film FORTUNE BUDDIES (GAING CHAU FUK LUK SAU) opened yesterday. Yuen Siu Cheung, Lee Si Jit, Christine Kuo and others yesterday attended the promotion. They promoted at cinemas in Kwun Tong and Mongkok and gave away gifts. Wong Cho Nam was busy with his show rehearsal did not attend.

This time was the Gods first lead performance, did they have any box office pressure? Cheung Jai honestly said that he was a little nervous, but felt that word of mouth was the most important. If it had good word of mouth then it could be like HARRY POTTER and continue with sequels. What was his box office expectation? He said that he did not think about it, of course the more the better. He personally wanted to bring joy to the audience the most and hoped that everyone would support Hong Kong film. How would they celebrate ideal box office performance? Cheung Jai joked that if it performed well at the box office he and Si Jit would switch kissing partners. He could kiss Samantha Ko Hoi Ning while Si Jit could kiss Lo Mik Shuet. Was he not afraid that Ko Hoi Ning would turn him down? He joked that he could tell Ko Hoi Ning was easy to get along with so it should not be a problem.

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