Friday, August 19, 2011


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courtesy of

PAINTED SKIN 2 (WAT PEI 2) make up artist Peng Pingjie yesterday posted photos of Zhou Xun and Vicki Zhao Wei together. Photographer Bao Xiangyu also posted photos of them during make up. Zhao Wei immediately relayed them to squash any dispute rumor. Zhou Xun also reposted and wrote, "Rumors end with the Wise".

In the photo Zhao Wei and Zhou Xun wore tee shirts and shorts as they leaned shoulder to shoulder on each other on the sofa. They displayed happy smiles and felt very intimate; in another Zhao Wei was in the make up chair while Zhou Xun was applying mascara, both were smiling. Zhao Wei immediately relayed both photos but did not write anything; Zhou Xun after relaying wrote, "Friends are friends, rumors end with the Wise." She finally added a Good symbol after Wei and Xun, proving that they were not at odds.

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