Monday, August 15, 2011


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Michael Tse Tin Wa yesterday expressed that originally in September he had a chance to work with Best Actor Nick Cheung Ka Fai on a movie, but he heard that Ka Fai was burnt in his new film NIGHTFALL (DAI JUI BO). He did not know how serious his injury was and so far he had no idea whether he could make time for the film. Would he feel any regret that the collaboration would end up in smoke? Tin Wa said, "Actually it doesn't matter who I work with. If I have a choice of course I would choose Ka Fai. We have only worked together on television and never in a film. Ka Fai is a Best Actor and someone so talented and fit, of course I really want to work with him. If this time really goes up in smoke, I hope that we will have another chance next time."

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