Monday, August 22, 2011


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To coordinate with MY KINGDOM (DAI MO SUN)'s September release, Celestial Entertainment announced the first Chinese film game app for iPad so viewers could learn more about the film through the game. As soon as Wu Chun learned about the iPad version release could not wait to try it for himself.

Wu Chun said, "I downloaded it to play on my iPhone. Rarely playing games, I thought it was very fresh and interesting. In the end maybe because I was too involved, my hands were somewhat sore from playing, now the iPad version release to me is good news. Because I am very busy at work, sometimes I really need to play games to relieve some stress."

Speaking of taking a break, Wu Chun recalled the MY KINGDOM production. "When waiting for places with actors, we would think of ways to relax a little. Not only can we ease the tension but also improve our relationships. For example when I am in the Monkey King make up, I would drag Han Geng into playing Sun Wukong" Wu Chun and Han Geng did not let go of the change to work with magician Liu Qian. They asked him to teach them minor magic tricks during breaks. However magic was truly too complicated and they both failed in the end.

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