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The film NG HUNG GUNG LUEK (FIVE ELEMENTS INVASION STRATEGY) yesterday held a production start ceremony at the Clearwater Bay film studio. Attending actors included William Chan Wai Ting, Li Feier, Zhao Ke, Li Yixin, Japanese actress Naoko Watanabe and Lau Siu Ming. Chan Wai Ting said that the film has completed its Mongolia shoot. Later it will finish the remaining scenes in Japan before wrapping production. William in the film played three characters, one of which required clown make up. Yesterday his eyes had clown make up, so he wore sunglasses for media photo.

William this time worked with many actresses and also had many wrestling scenes. However he did not have to fight the actresses. Instead he fought himself, in other words he was acting with air. He honestly said that playing many characters was difficult. With many fight scenes and constantly wearing different make up, this was the most difficult film in two years. This time the film was a collaboration with the Hong Kong Art Development Fund, which he thought was very rare.

Li Feier was Huang Xiaoming's old flame, William was Angelababy's old flame. Would performing together be awkward for them? William said no, because in the film world he would always run into many different people. Li Feier said that she knew William once dated Baby but they did not have any scene together, so she did not know whether it would be awkward. However she believed it would not be. She also praised William as handsome and very nice. Feier also said that during the shoot because she did not know how to make an action scene she injured her co-star. Luckily there was no blood shed. Zhao Ke said that she was often injured. She even lost her toe nail and had bruises on her legs. The shoot was very tough.

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