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Bak Leung Gum and son

Grace Wong and Jess Sum
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The film THE FORTUNE BUDDIES (GAING CHAU FUK LUK SAU) after ten days in release made over 6 million. Two nights ago a celebration was held. Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Yuen Siu Cheung, Wong Cho Nam, Johnson Lee Si Jit, Maggie Cheung Ho Yi, Samantha Ko Hoi Ning and Lam Ha Mei attended. Chi Wai publicly complimented Ko Hoi Ning's potential.

The film had many young actors and actresses. Chi Wai praised Ko Hoi Ning, who had luck with the audience and was hard working. She would not show too much out of the blue and had a clean impression. As for Koni Lui Wai Yi who was linked to him in rumors, Chi Wai said, "She isn't pretty and has no figure so she is the substance school. Every time she comes out she loses. She pushes up randomly for Mr. Hong Kong and gets yelled at, when she hides people talk. (So you hide her?) Her legs are so long, how do you hide her?"

Speaking of the Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi divorce, Chi Wai pointed out that divorce was OK. If they could raise the children together that would be the best. He also said that breaking up was inevitable. If they were unhappy then they should not be together. Fung Chi spent more time apart than together, being together in a circle was a science. Did he feel Fung Chi would reunite? He said that he did not know, nothing was impossible.

Ko Hoi Ning wore a low cut dress, but she said that her figure was not buxom enough. She pointed out that her aunt was the biggest and joked that her chest was like two pomelos. She often stole attention for being sexy, would other female artists be afraid of being at the same events as her? She said that her relationships with female artists were great. Male artists instead did not dare to get near her.

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