Wednesday, August 10, 2011


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The Scud (Wan Cheung) produced and directed film LOVE ACTUALLY SUCKS (OI HUNG LAN) two nights ago held a celebration. Actors Winnie Leung Man Yi and Osman attended. Leung Man Yi revealed that one of the scenes in the film appeared in another film that was released first, even the dialogues were the same. Leung Man Yi also admitted with silence that it was the earlier release LOVE IS THE ONLY ANSWER (YUN YUEK LEI FUN HAU). Leung Man Yi said, "This film of ours was made in March last year. Actually it has been made for awhile. Originally it was scheduled for a July release, but because it had to be inspected it was delayed."

Osman said that in the film she played Spider Man, so before the shoot he had to learn rock climbing. The film involved the sensitive subject of homosexuality. Osman said that he was not afraid that it would affect his image. In addition, he and Leung Man Yi did not play homosexuals. Osman said, "I would like to try and wouldn't mind playing that." Leung Man Yi said, "In the film I wasn't a homosexual, but I too wouldn't mind playing that."

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