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Sire Ma

Eliza Sam, Yuen Siu Cheung, King Kong
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The summer comedy THE FORTUNE BUDDIES (GAING CHAU FUK LUK SAU) promotion continued wave after wave. Two nights ago the cast again went to the movies for audience appreciation. Yuen Siu Cheung led 2010 Miss Chinese International Eliza Sam (Shum Lai Heung), King Kong and others to Sha Tin, Kwai Fong, Diamond Hill and other places to thank
viewers and give away prizes. Although they were rushed, Cheung Jai rather enjoyed it. Because each time was like a new girlfriend for him, he felt very happy.

Cheung Jai said that after six days in release he already has been to many cinemas for audience appreciation. He even joked, "It's like a new girl everyday, I am very happy. I want to thank the audience everyday until the day the movie run ends, I would do my part!" As one of the leads, Cheung Jai honestly hoped that the film would perform well because of the bonus possibility!

Yet Wong Cho Nam has been absent from numerous audience appreciation. Cheung Jai pointed out that Cho Nam was busy with his talk show preparation. Although he was unable to participate, he kept calling to ask how the promotion went. Was Cho Nam envious that he had different beauties with him on every audience appreciation? He immediately joked, "Why would he? Right now he is playing 'Double Inverted Eiffel Tower Kissing Technique' with (Leanne) Li Yanan." He also pointed out that Shum Lai Heung was also many otaku's idol. Her fans all supported her in a low key manner at the movies.

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