Saturday, August 20, 2011


Lee Heung Kam admires a swimsuit photo from her youth
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Lee Heung Kam thought that at her age her energy level was not what it used to be. With her family's objections, she recently turned down offers to make a movie in Beijing and TVB series. Yesterday she and Lui Ming attended the Hong Kong Film Archive held FOUR CHARACTERS: A TRIBUTE TO LEE HONG-KUM, HELENA LAW LAN, LUI MING AND WANG LAI seminar where she officially announced to fans, "I really am not acting anymore. Every night I wouldn't get off work until 4 or 5 AM. My family doesn't permit me to act and doesn't permit me to shoot in Beijing. They are afraid that something might happen when I would be so far away."

Actually, yesterday Sister Kam was ailing. With the flu she often applied medicine oil. Completely because of the fans' enthusiasm she had the energy to keep going. After sharing her experience she even watched a montage of her performances the event put together with the audience. Sister Kam made over 500 films and mostly played villains. The several selected scenes were of her playing step mothers who verbally and physically abused her children. Sister Kam joked with the audience, "If I was a viewer, as soon as I saw Lee Heung Kam I definitely would hit her. As long as you don't hit me I will be fine!"

Another evergreen "green leaf" Law Lan was unable to attend as she was visiting Italy. The event aired her pre-recorded video. In it Sister Law Lan said that she already agreed to make a TVB series completely because her acting bug was acting up.

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