Monday, August 15, 2011


Carol Yeung, Hazel

Hazel, Hailey, Annie G
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Young models Carol Yeung Chi Yiu, Annie G., Hazel, Hailey, Cindy Hsu and Emily yesterday in the hot summer gave away popsicles on the streets of Causeway Bay to promote their new film SUMMER LOVE (LUNE HA LUEN HA LUEN LUEN HA) and attracted many onlookers. However the models left soon and did not create any chaos. The film company also assigned security for their safety.

Carol said that for her first time giving away popsicles on the busy streets, she hoped the pedestrians would be nicer. Was she nervous? She said that she was a little. Was she afraid that she would have the attention stole from her because she dressed so conservatively? She explained that yesterday was an energetic and casual look. She would wait until the premiere or the movie itself to steal attention. Was she worried about young models from the Mainland? She honestly said that she was not because their work specialty was different. Carol said that this was her fourth film. Would she plan to make another picture book? She said that not this year because later school will begin. At the end of the month she also will have another movie to make. For now she has been able to divide her schedule.

Annie G. said that she never expected so many onlookers. She said that earlier she has gave away summer relief items on the streets. Was she afraid of being taken advantage of? She honestly said that at first she was, but yesterday when she saw so many security guards she was at ease. The six of them together should be enough to fight.

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