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Fu Xinbo, Wu Chun, Ekin Cheng, Adam Cheng, Vic Chou, Raymond Lam, Yu Bo

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The Raymond Wong Pak Ming produced, Ronny Yu Yun Tai directed SAVING GENERAL YANG (JUNG LIT YEUNG GA JEUNG) yesterday held a press conference in Beijing and officially announced that Dior Cheng Yi Kin will replace Louis Koo Tin Lok who dropped out due to a leg injury. Yu Yun Tai pointed out that it was divine will.

Playing Yang Linggong, Adam Cheng Siu Chau yesterday led oldest son Ekin Cheng, second son Yu Bo, third son Vic Chou (Chow Yu Ma), fifth son Raymond Lam Fung, sixth son Wu Chun and seventh son Fu Xinbo met with the media in Beijing. Only the fourth son Li Chen due to scheduling issue could not attend.

Being called a second choice, Ekin originally in the play would play the villain Ye Luyuan. Yu Yun Tai thanked Ekin for saving him. Originally at the time Ekin hoped to challenge himself with a villain performance and asked for a day to consider, but the director said no. Finally Ekin that day agreed to take the role. Yet the director also said, "From the beginning of the preparation, I thought the oldest son would be Ekin. Yet boss Wong Pak Ming said that he signed Koo Tin Lok to be a basic actor. Since he said that I couldn't do anything about it. Now Ekin still ends up with this role, it's divine will." Ekin did not mind the role switch, only the performance method would be different. However this time they had more action on horseback. Never a rider, he earlier deliberately went to learn. Unfortunately he said, "I fell off the horse many times, I even rode an infection out of the 'pat pat'. So in less than ten days I had to rush back to Hong Kong to see a doctor." "Pat pat" had many sensitive areas, Ekin stressed that only the meaty part was infected.

Among the seven sons, Chau Guoon has only worked with Ekin. Back then they worked together on the television series INSTINCT (SIU HONG FUNG WON). Chau Guoon said that Ekin at the time was still a young man who enjoyed video games. With seven young and handsome sons all at once, Chau Guoon said that it felt decent. Yesterday he held his own with light adjusting sunglasses and a leopard print shirt. He and Lam Fung got along famously. When they went off stage for media interview, they even held hands and secretly competed in chok look. Ekin called Chau Guoon the Chok King Ancestor, costume and modern fashion had different way of chok. Even Lam Fung submitted and proclaimed him god. Chau Guoon joked that the look followed his wife's orders. He already snuck out a black jacket to keep from standing out too much and stealing the show from the six sons.

Lam Fung and Jai Jai both grew facial hair for their roles. Lam Fung thought it was more natural than fake beard. Gaining two kilograms but still frail, Jai Jai this time officially learned to ride a horse for the shoot. As for Ekin's "pat pat" infection from the training, he felt that the technique was hard to grasp right away. The horse could be out of control all of a sudden so he needed to grasp the sense of balance and react quickly; Lam Fung joked that Ekin might be infected from being hot tempered.

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