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Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi and her son Lucas Tse Chun Hin starred in Wong Jing's new film TREASURE HUNT (MO GA JI BO), which opened in the Mainland yesterday. One of the film investor yesterday blasted Pak Chi for always declining to attend promotional events, issued a legal issue to sue her for contract violation and even criticized her lack of professionalism. Pak Chi's new manager Yu Yuk Hing yesterday stated that Pak Chi never violated any contract and that they did not mind the film company promoting with Pak Chi speculations, but it should be done appropriately.

The investor's promotional director yesterday wrote online that Pak Chi has been absent to any TREASURE HUNT promotions with excuses, revealing that her contract that she needed to attend one Mainland and one Hong Kong promotion. Lucas also needed to attend a Mainland promotion. The company sent someone to negotiate schedules with her on the set of THE LION ROARS 2 (HOR TUNG SI HAU 2) but to no avail. Yet earlier she attended another commercial event (Zhao Benshan's restaurant opening), so the company blasted her for contract violation and issued a legal letter to her.

Pak Chi's new manager Yu Yuk Hing supported Pak Chi for acting in accordance to the contract. She did not violate any contract at all. He pointed out that Pak Chi already attended TREASURE's production start ceremony and at the same time gave director Wong Jing a verbal agreement to attend its Hong Kong promotion. As for the film company's accusation that Pak Chi declined to promote with excuses like having to take care her son and THE LION ROARS 2 unwilling to release her, Yu Yuk Hing thought it was laughable because Pak Chi has always completed the terms of the contract. He questioned why the film company held four promotions without saying a word, only when the film was released did it accused Pak Chi of contract violation. He did not mind Pak Chi was being used to promote the film, but hoped that the film company would do so appropriately. It could not do anything for the box office and hurt its relationship with actors and reputation.

Pak Chi's former manager Emily supported Pak Chi's professionalism online and revealed that she will attend TREASURE's September 6 Hong Kong premiere.

The investor's promotional director even revealed Lucas' salary was not just a cup of ice cream as the director has eluded to or the rumored HK$800,000 but 800,000 RMB or HK$1 million. The mother and son's contracts were signed together but their salaries were separate, thus it could not possibly remove Lucas' role.

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