Wednesday, August 17, 2011


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Director Peter Chan Ho Sun's parents lived in Thailand. Yesterday his 78 year old mother due to kidney cancer passed away and now he was handling her affairs there. His film company confirmed that Mother Chan passed away last Saturday. Currently Chan Ho Sun and Sandra Ng Kwan Yu have already flown there to handle Mother Chan's funeral and asked the company to thank everyone for their concern.

Reportedly, when Chan Ho Sun was promoting his new film WU XIA on an Asian tour, Mother Chan's health was already not longer stable. Thus after each stop he would take the earliest flight back to Thailand to take care of his mother. When the promotion ended, he even remained there. Unfortunately Mother Chan finally succumbed. He and his family have already begun to prepare for his mother's funeral. Everything would be done according to the Thai tradition. Family and friends would arrive to pay their respect.

Actually Mother Chan was very close to his son's team. She would visit every set of his movies. When WU XIA was shooting in Tengchong, she brought her own fried small fish and peanut and authentic Thai pork jerky to share with everyone. In the future Chan Ho Sun will have a series of work, like WU XIA in September will promote in Japan, Korea, Europe and North America. His production THE FLYING GUILLOTINES (HUET DIK JI) will also start production. With his personality, his work should not be affected.

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