Friday, August 12, 2011


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The film YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE was selected to be the Summer International Film Festival 2011 opening film. Two nights ago director Giddens Ko (Gau Ba Doh) and lead actor Ko Chen Tung attended the premiere. A group of Giddens Ko's fans also came in support. Giddens Ko's novels have always sold well. Speaking of the difference between novels and movies, he pointed out that writing novels felt very lonely but while making movies he could communicate with others.

This film was about his past and also fulfilled his dream. He felt a great sense of satisfactory. Giddens Ko thought that for his first film as a director, film productions truly cost too much money. Because Taiwan population was no match for the Mainland, raising money was also very hard. This time h spent his past novel royalties on half of the film production cost. However being able to fulfilled a dream was worth it. Would he make more movies? Giddens Ko pointed out that he felt very embarrassed with this film and he did not want to become an incredible director. Speaking of making movies again, he joked that he might have to save a few more years of money to be able to.

Ko Chun Tung also practiced a few lines of Cantonese to introduce himself. He appeared to be very shy. The director praised him as very handsome, direct and daring just like himself. Ke Chun Tung praised the director as not being mean, and being attention while teaching acting.

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