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The Johnnie To Kei Fung directed Media Asia film LIFE WITHOUT PRINCIPLE (DUET MING GUM) successfully qualified for the 68th Venice Film Festival competition. To Sir and actors Lau Ching Wan, Denise Ho Wan Si and Myolie Wu Hung Yi already planned to head to Venice to attend this film's global premiere, but Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) will not be able to attend due to scheduling problems.

All of the actors and To Sir were rather pleasantly surprised about the film's Venice qualification. To Sir said, "Of course I have to thank Boss Lam (Peter Lam Kin Ngok)! He gave me a lot of time to create movies that I like. I also have to thank all the actors for all the efforts that they put into this film. Ching Wan is quite a guy! Right now I am still busy with post production. I myself really like this film, I hope this time it will perform well."

Ching Wan this time will head to Venice with his wife. "I am very happy! This time I will be able to go to Venice with To Sir. I heard him say that the wine there were great, but I won't be able to drink much. Right now the Old Lady and I are planning maybe to arrive in Italy earlier for fun, then to Venice. We will be able to pretend that we will be on vacation."

As for Ho Wan Si she was very pleased that the film qualified for Venice and immediately posted online that she had no intention but got lucky with the qualification, proving that without any regret for the outcome she would reap the harvest. She said. "I am really very pleasantly surprised. I have always admired To Sir and really wanted to work with him. I never guessed that the first cooperation would immediately bring us to Venice! I never thought about it. I always saw how grand these international film festivals were and how hot the actors dressed. I am now troubled about what to wear. Hmmm.....let me think how much back to show all of you on the red carpet!" This will be To sir's fourth trip to Venice, but he still did not know whether he will remain until the award presentation on the night of the 10th as he still had to rush to the Toronto Film Festival with the same film.

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