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The Lau Ching Wan, Louis Koo Tin Lok and Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) starred new film OVERHEARD 2 (SIT TING FUNG WON 2) two days ago opened in Hong Kong and the Mainland. Its Mainland opening was 18 million yuan RMB. From the trend its total box office had hope to pass 100 million.

In Hong Kong it also bested other films with 1.2 million. No wonder currently promoting in the Mainland Ching Wan, Ng Yin Cho, directors Felix Chong Man Keung, Alan Mak Siu Fai and producer Derek Yee Tung Sing were very happy and pleased.

Days ago, Ng Yin Cho, Lau Ching Wan, Huang Yi and others promoted in Changsha. Because the film was mainly about the three male leads, lead actress Huang Yi honestly said that she did not mind being the flower vase. "Being a flower vase in such a great quality big film actually wasn't easy at all."

Earlier Ng Yin Cho appeared on a now interview with Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui to discuss how he got into the business. Ng Yin Cho in 1997 came to Hong Kong as a model, later Yonfan discovered him for BISHONEN (MEI SIU NIN JI LUEN). Although his entertainment development has been smooth, his father objected. "Because Father was an engineer for 45 years before he retired, he never thought that I would study architecture for 5 years but went to make movies. He thought it was a waste of time and money." He said that Father Ng came to visit the set several years ago and realized that film production was very tough. Then he began to support his film work.

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