Saturday, August 20, 2011


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Cecilia Cheung tries her hands on modeling

Reporters flocked to ask Cecilia Cheung about her divorce

Ethan Juan keeps quiet about his new film role with Shu Qi

Socialite Fanny Sit and her daughter

Janet Ma and her daughter

Mikki Yao and her boyfriend
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Florinda Ho and Joel Chan
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A Gucci fashion show took place two nights ago. Attendees included new figures Joel Chan Shan Chung, Florinda Ho Chiu Wan and Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi, as well as Julian Cheung Chi Lam, popular Taiwan idols Ethan Juan (Yuen King Tin) and Jiro Wang (Wong Tung Sing).

Siu Tin praised Pak Chi's performance as "Great!" He recently has been busy with the Doze Niu Chen-Zer directed new film LOVE with Shu Qi. Yet he was unwilling to reveal their relationship in the film. He only said that they would have a breakthrough performance. Would he perform in the buff? He said that everyone would know when they go to the movies. Ultimately it would not be the usual him. This time he played something that others would not do. Siu Tin also revealed that the director had bad luck during the shoot as he often ran into the director's chair.

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