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The Herman Yau Lai To directed, Huang Yi, Dennis To Yu-Hang and Rose Chan Ka Wun starred film WOMAN KNIGHT OF THE MIRROR LAKE (GAING HUNG NUI HUP -- QIU JIN) will open on September 1. To display Qiu Jin's toughness and tenderness as well as her rivalry with men, the director designed over ten looks for the Qiu Jin playing Huang Yi. Before the shoot he even asked Huang Yi to study kung fu and swordplay. Even Huang Yi joked, "I was wielding a sword even in my dreams."

Huang Yi before the shoot studied six months of kung fu with Sin Kwok Lam. Aside from using spears and swords against the enemies in the film, she also had many action scenes on horseback. Huang Yi said, "At first I was worried that I couldn't live up to the character; but after the shoot, I wasn't only physically stronger. Even my friends praised me for becoming multi-talented."

Huang Yi in the film had many different looks, including the wedding costume when she married Kevin Cheng Ka Wing, a simple woman's clothing, the traditional Japanese woman's clothing when she studied in Japan, the scholar costume, the handsome male disguise, the horse riding look and others. Huang Yi honestly said, "Aside from different costumes, this time was a huge acting challenge."

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