Monday, August 29, 2011


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The Jackie Chan executive directed, Zhang Li directed film 1911 two days ago promoted at the 14th Huabiao Awards in Beijing as Big Brother Jackie Chan led some of the cast to the event.

1911 will be Media Asia's 2011 National Day war epic release that stars Winston Chao, Jackie Chan and Li Bingbing.  The story is about the Xinhai revolution.  The Jackie Chan played Huang Xing (1874-1916) led the armed uprising.  During the revolution, he and Dr. Sun Yat-sen were often called "Sun Huang".  Sun Yat-sen was an idealist and a forerunner while Huang Xing was a doer.  Huang Xing started and personally participated in many important revolutionary events.

After numerous life and death encounters, Huang Xing finally succumbed to illness in his middle age and was key to overthrow the Qing Dynasty and found the Republic.  During the Revolution although he had a difference of opinion with Sun Yat-sen, he never fought for power and was willing to play support.

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