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The Roy Chow Hin Yeung directed action suspense new film NIGHTFALL (DAI JUI BO) two nights ago wrapped. Actors including Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Janice Man Wing Shan, Candy Yu On On, Michael Wong Man Tak and "Mou Guy" Dou Xiao along with screenwriter Christine To Chi Long attended the farewell event on the set. Ka Fai even had a little fun at the excuse of Dou Xiao who did not know any Cantonese. He also promised to donate 100,000 in cash for the celebration lucky drawing. The team applauded in response.

Ka Fai for the character went through a hellish weight loss program for several months. Thus the team two nights ago prepared the dish that he wanted to have the most during the period, drool chicken (steamed chicken with chili sauce). Wong Man Tak also brought two bottles of red wine for everyone. Ka Fai worked with Dou Xiao for the first time. Although he admired him very much, he did not forget to have a little fun with him. When they raised their glasses to toast the film's success in advance, Ka Fai asked Dou Xiao to repeat after him, "In the future at the film celebration, I will give 80 to 100 thousand for the lucky drawing!" Dou Xiao who did not understand Cantonese asked what that meant? Ka Fai joked, "You don't need to ask, just repeat after me and you will be fine. I say it, then you say it." Finally Dou Xiao really repeated what Ka Fai said and cracked everyone up. Later when Dou Xiao learned the "truth" he immediately jumped and said that the Best Actor fooled him. However the director generously joined Ka Fai's "trap" and said, "If we will have a celebration, I will bring all the money for the lucky drawing!" The actors cheered enthusiastically.

Ka Fai's character was very heavy this time. Because his character was mute, he did not have any line to deliver or remember and his performance was even more difficult. He said, "All of the emotions had to be expressed through the body, the eyes and such, it really was very challenging." As for working with Simon Yam Tat Wa, Ka Fai said, "Yam Tat Wa used to always play the boss, this time in the film I beat him and killed him. It felt great! I believe this film should bring two or three Best Actors!"

Dou Xiao in the film played a couple with Man Wing Shan. Although they worked together for the first time they had chemistry and no gap at all during the shoot. This film was Dou Xiao's first Cantonese dialogue film. Although he was with the team for only a short time, he thought this was a very exciting production journey. Man Wing Shan made a lot of preparation before the shoot like studying piano playing for over three months. In addition she already cultivated a connection with the team. Thus at the wrap she was very reluctant to part. However she stated that she would continue to learn to play the piano.

In addition, earlier when Yam Tat Wa and Kay Tse On Kay left, the team celebrated with champagne with them on the streets of Lan Kwai Fong and attracted many onlookers. Kay did not feel well that day and was worried that she would be unable to finish her final scene. Luckily she persisted and the director was very touched.

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