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Gary, DaDa Chen, Wong Chung Hiu

Phoebe gets into the water to promote as promised

A strange scream could be heard when Phoebe passed the tube to Dominic with their mouths

Ciwi Lam
DaDa Chen, Jeana Ho, Phoebe Hui

Jeana Ho
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The Wilson Chin Kwok Wai directed new film LAN KWAI FONG (HEI OI YEH PO) two nights ago held a party by the hotel swimming pool. Actresses Jeana Ho Pui Yu, Phoebe Hui Wing and Dada Chen Jing attended. Jeana and Phoebe appeared in swimsuits, DaDa wore a low cut long dress. Phoebe was the only girl who went into the water to play games, got all wet and stole all the thunder.

When the trio of "nemeses" posed for a group photo, Jeana deliberately pretended to be friends with DaDa and they had no exchange with Phoebe. Phoebe was asked about getting all the attention. "Actually I saw the event notice, everyone should play in the water." Did Jeana back out and did not dare to go in? She said, "I don't know, but I feel it's pretty fun in the water." Phoebe even said that she took the full wardrobe malfunction precautions and applied water proof make up, so she was not worried about embarrassing herself in the water. She also said, "the real ones aren't afraid of going into the water", hinting that Jeana's figure was artificial and thus she did not dare to go in. She said, "Normally when I go to the beach and swim it's like this too. The most important is someone is playing with me." As for the lack of exchange with Jeana and DaDa, she said, "I didn't pay attention to her, but I am very gracious. When I see her I would greet her."

Jeana whose figure Phoebe hinted to be artificial was contradicting herself during an interview. First she said that she did not go into the water because she already skinny dipped in the morning. Then she said that she did not know how to swim. She used director Chin Kwok Wai as a shield. "The director didn't go into the water. I originally would follow him. I didn't back out. I came in a swimsuit, thinking that I had to find a guy for security." Although Phoebe got attention, Jeana stressed that she was the film lead and said that earlier she was skinny dipping in a private pool. She was afraid of catching a cold going into the water at night. As for Phoebe's stab that Jeana did not dare to go into the water because Jeana's figure was fake, she said, "What is the connection? I wouldn't respond to personal condemnation. I wouldn't steal attention by going into the water. Going into the water without clothes would get attention." Why did she suddenly become friends with DaDa? She said, "Actually I already knew DaDa before I got into the business. I saw her in a long dress and high heels, keeping an eye on each other would be safer."

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