Tuesday, August 23, 2011


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New film SUMMER LOVE (LUEN HA LUEN HA LUEN LUEN HA) actor Alex Fong Lik Sun two nights ago attended the premiere. Theresa Fu Wing who was linked to him in rumors had a dispute with Law Chung Him. Fu Wing even publicly criticized Law Chung Him. Fong Lik Sun said that he read the reports but did not want to comment about others' affairs. Fong Lik Sun said that he was indeed very surprised. "No one is certain who is right or wrong. I have seen Him Jai's press conference. He was very heart broken. I believe he wouldn't hit anyone. How could anyone be around if he hit them. When he and I worked on a film, I hit him once and my hand hurt a lot. His body seemed invulnerable."

Fong Lik Sun said that artist break up was sad and regrettable. As for Fu Wing's action angering the company, which considering possible suspension, Fong Lik Sun said, "This is a personal decision. We are bystanders have a hard time evaluating. If they break up then that's it. Don't advise others to break up. We don't want to see others break up." How was his own relationship? He awkwardly said, "Thank you for your concern, right now it hasn't spouted yet." He said that he was often not in Hong Kong so he lacked any chance to develop. As for girlfriends Stephy Tang Lai Yun's seeming obstacle in contract negotiation with Gold Typhoon, Fong Lik Sun said, "Contract and career are her own matter. She would consider the best collaboration format." In addition, Fong Lik Sun said that Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi's divorce announcement was regrettable. He hoped that they would have good development and good love lives.

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