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In the Zhang Xinyu and Alex Fong Lik Sun starred SUMMER LOVE (LUEN HA LUEN HA LUEN LUEN HA), otakus pursued their goddesses and cooked up a love triangle. The relationship between Fong Lik Sun and Zhang Xinyu caught the most attention. With an angel face and devilish figure, Zhang Xinyu in the film played a popular model. Fong Lik Sun who has always liked Zhang Xinyu tried to get close to her as her assistant. As they were about to click, they broke up over a misunderstanding.

In the film's climax, Siu Fong chased from Hainan to Macau in hopes of expressing his love to Zhang Xinyu who was preparing for a catwalk show there. Director Wilson Chin Kwok Wai "fixed" the location and arranged for King Kong to accidentally set off an accident so the fire sprinkler system went off. Siu Fong and Zhang Xinyu under such a romantic man made rainy scene got wet and kissed passionately. With her fiery figure, Zhang Xinyu in this film wore a bikini and a white silk wrap seductively. In the shower she looked even sexier as the location temperature instantly rose. For her first Hong Kong film, Zhang Xinyu will come to Hong Kong to promote the new film this week.

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