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Mars Ma wants to stay in the cell for seven days for the full HK$ 20,000
Justin Cheung cheats on the female prisoner
Chow Chi Kwan visits
Justin Cheung sleeps in the cell
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Justin Cheung publicly demonstrated being a "prisoner" to promote his new film IMPRISONED: SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR RICH AND PRODIGAL (YUT YUK YUT SAI GAI), this afternoon he will be released after serving his "term". The film company in order to continue the "prison" fever set aside HK$ 20,000 to attract those who were will take the baton from Kin Sing. As of yesterday over 800 people applied.

Although Kin Sing had three meals in prison, the open lifestyle left him unable to eat or sleep. He will be released this afternoon. Yesterday he held a "sign up and wait for the female prisoner" sign. Reportedly that female prison will be Mars Ma Ka Wan who volunteered to be in the prison.

Aside from her creative video of complaining about being poor and longing to be in prison, Mars was selected because of her World Cup girl and Oriental Network Baby performance that confirmed her show business potential. However it also worried that because Mars was a girl she would have inconvenience and physical problems. Thus it would check the application again and wait for both sides sign the contract before officially making her the "female prisoner".

Mars last year rose in popularity after becoming TVB World Cup program's "World Cup girl" and Oriental Network Baby appearance, got more private shoot and promotional activity jobs. However Mars said that she only made HK$ 8,000 to 9,000 monthly from those jobs and admitted that the HK$ 20,000 prize was very attractive. "We look very glamorous on the outside, but actually our income isn't stable. Now there are too many girls in the business, the competition is enormous." Thus she decided to publicly stay in prison for seven days to add to her fame and open even more doors of opportunity for herself!

However Mars was less than confident about staying for seven days for HK$ 20,000. "I probably would be able to tough out three or four days and win HK$ 8,000 for rent! (How would you spend HK$ 20,000 if you win?) I haven't thought about it, I plan to think about it slowly over the seven days so time would pass easier. Maybe I would spend it on rent!" As for the public prison term, Mars said that she was already used to people taking photos of her. The hardest to accept instead would be without a mobile phone. She watched Kin Sing's live broadcast to prepare. "I only became interested after I said him talking about how real the environment was. With such a rare chance to be in 'prison', I might as well try it!"

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