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Petrina Fung Bo Bo returned to the silver screen after a decade in the Clifton Ko Chi Sum directed family comedy WONDER MAMA (MA MI HUP). Her son Chiu Kai Chung was the film's assistant director, but he did not like to tell others that he was Fung Bo Bo's son. He did not want to rely on his mother to develop in this business. Thus Sister Bo Bo could only respect her son's wishes and saw this time as a present to her son.

Sister Bo Bo two days ago with this film's other actors Susan Shaw Yam Yam and BabyJohn Choi Hong Yik spoke to the press. Sister Bo Bo revealed that her son has always been working with Ko Chi Sum with advertising and editing. This Ko Chi Sum's film has already been brewing for four years, but at the time she was in Hong Kong. When she was in Hong Kong her son asked her to meet with Ko Chi Sum. She said, "This time I took the role not because of my son. Actually my son doesn't like to tell other people that he is Fung Bo Bo's son, so this time I stated that I won't work with him. Usually the assistant director would direct the dialogue, but I ask for Ko Chi Sum to do that for me. (Why?) It doesn't feel right to me, but Sister Yam Yam thought I was being old fashioned!" Sister Yam Yam admitted that Sister Bo Bo was a very intelligent and very mature woman. Her son's job was the assistant director. In the work environment and process the assistant director would teach the lines. She had no reason to bring her son from home to the set. Sister Yam Yam said, "I can't let you teach me the lines because I am your mother. Isn't this outdated?" Sister Bo Bo replied that this time Ko Chi Sum asked her to perform, so her request was reasonable.

Sister Bo Bo admitted that she said to her son that if he wanted to study film, she could make calls to help him. However he did not permit her to do so. "I felt hurt, like being pushed away. However he just wanted to tell everyone his mama is Fung Bo Bo after he made a name for himself." She admitted that her son truly had a lot of pressure from carrying her name. She even felt that they should not be compared because everyone was an individual. Playing mother and daughter, Sister Yam Yam and Sister Bo Bo actually were close in age and personally good friends. Yet it was their first collaboration. Sister Yam Yam said, "We used to be famous on our own! Her movies weren't right for her anyway, I lay down, she stood up." BabyJohn said that he felt very happy to be able to work with so many elders. Everyone was like a family. He said, "Once (Sister Yam Yam) made bird's best, which everyone finished before starting work again. That was very heart warming. (Aren't you afraid?) At first I was, but during the group read I felt very warm." Sister Yam yam said that BabyJohn was lucky to be able to play mother and son with the best actor. He was able to learn a lot. Thus she suggested for him to call Sister Bo Bo Ma for the rest of his life. BabyJohn admitted that he learned a lot from the elders before. "Just the professionalism alone is already worth learning. Thus sometimes when I wasn't in a scene I would stay to watch, and I have watched a lot." They all praised that Ko Chi Sum has become mature so his interpersonal relationship work was also detailed.

In addition, Sister Bo Bo yesterday appeared on the TVB program BIG BOYS CLUB with Raymond Wong Pak Ming and others to continue to promote the film. Speaking of playing Kenneth Tsang Kong's daughter in the film, she happily said, "Actresses would only play older and older roles, I couldn't believe that this time I was able to go backward and play Tsang Kong's daughter." She also praised Tsang Kong during the shoot had his past Cantonese film era presence. "He had to work on a scene in which he flipped a table. Before places he told the entire crew that he wanted one take only. Finally when he flipped the table he was very strong, just as powerful as when he was making wuxia films." Sister Yam Yam felt that she had no regret to be able to work with Sister Bo Bo and Tsang Kong this time. "I used to watch their movies, I never imagined that this time finally I was able to work with my idols. I felt that all the grief that I suffered for decades in the film industry has all passed."

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