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Yue Fung and Johnny Ip have both close professional and personal relationship
Helen Ma worries that no one would take care of Johnny Ip
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Leung Jok Wa says his mother was a cancer fighter
Started in the film industry at age 15, Yue Fung was Shaw's youngest lead actress
Wu Ma, Yue Fung, Felix Wong
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Former Shaw star Yue Fung two nights ago passed away at the Queen Mary Hospital at the age of 64. Yue Fung once was married to Isabella Kau Hung Ping's current husband Leung Ting Cheung and had a son Leung Jok Wa. Her friend Susan Shaw Yam Yam confirmed the news. She said that Yue Feng two years ago stomach cancer, her work partner Johnny Ip Chun Tong hired a private nurse to take care of her. Sister Yam Yam said that earlier she visited Yue Fung. At the time she was already very thin and could not eat. Yue Fung once revealed that she did not want to die, but she knew that her condition was very severe. As for Brother Tong, she heard that he was calm. Brother Tong thanked friends in the media for their regards about Yue Fung's passing. At this time he was not in Hong Kong.

Yue Fung came from Taiwan and was Shaw's youngest lead actress at the time. She once participated in Lee Han-Hsiang directed erotic films and has worked with Jimmy Wang Yu. After she wed Leung Ting Cheung they immigrated to England and opened a restaurant.

Yue Fung's friend Helen Ma Hoi Lun yesterday said that the last time she saw her was two years ago. At the time they played mahjong together. Later Yue Fung went to Taiwan to treat her condition. After returning to Hong Kong they tried to get together for dinner but did. She continued, after learning about her hospitalization she wanted to visit but Brother Tong said that she did not want to see anyone.

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