Thursday, May 7, 2015


Alex Lam lends Annie Liu a hand and tensely holds hers
Children run to Alex Lam to tell him how handsome he is
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Alex Lam Tak Shun and Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) earlier worked on the film MY WIFE IS A SUPERSTAR (NGOR LO POR HAI MING SING) in Kwun Tong. Alex played a "tall, rich and handsome" character went all out to pursue Sum Yau! He not only picked up a light headed Sum Yau in a sports car to take her home but also lent her a hand as he tensely held her hand and around her waist.

Alex revealed that he would use his "sure fire technique" to fight for the girl with Pakho Chau. "In the film I don't know that Sum Yau and Pakho are married, so I am pursuing her in full force! (Do you have any experience of fighting for a girl in real life?) You have to, in this world you have to fight for everything! (Any sure fire technique?) Cooking!" Did he and Sum Yau have any intimate scene? Alex immediately joked about having too few. "Not really, I am pounding my chest (in rage)! (Would you ask the director for more?) Actually in the film there is a good kiss scene, which I am looking forward to very much!" With his killer smile Alex off screen was very popular with children. They once even broke through the crew's "defense", ran to Alex and told him how "handsome" he was. Alex immediately thanked them with pats on their heads.

Later Sum Yau said that in real life she could not pay attention to "tall, rich and handsome". "In the film Alex took me home once and kissed my forehead to make his feelings known. It was very sweet! (Have this type of tall, rich and handsome courted you in real life?) When I was in school in Canada, it was just puppy love! After I got into the business I haven't dated, I have zero love life! (What kind of guys do you like?) I don't like handsome guys, I prefer guys with inner character and their own ideas. Inner beauty is more important than appearance."

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